40 + women must eat these foods to stay fit

Women who are in their 40's must follow balanced diet to keep themselves healthy

As you age, your muscles start  to loose, which slows down your ability to burn calories, making weight maintenance more difficult

Here are some super foods which women must include in their diet and stay fit

Eat more green vegetables and salad it will help to reduce weight and prevent muscle loss

For bone health calcium intake is must. In 40's bones start degenerate, so include milk, curd and other calcium rich foods

Foods filled with healthy fat like- avocados, nut butter, olive oil, fatty fish, contribute to weight loss because they make you feel full

Women in their 40's must limit their intake of processed and junk foods to prevent weight gain and increase life expectancy

Foods like meat, fish, milk, eggs, and cereals are rich source of Vitamin B-12  which is essential to your brain function, and red blood cell production

Include food rich in Anti-inflammatory properties like- turmeric, berries, red pepper, oatmeal, walnuts  to avoid joint pain and arthritis problem

Prefer green tea over regular coffee and tea, It is an excellent detoxicated drink that keeps the body metabolism at optimum level

Women in 40's should eat seeds like, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, Flax seeds, because they are rich in fibre and omega- 3 and helps to stabilize blood sugar level

Include protein rich foods like-minded Egg, Beans, Tofu, Lentils in your plate it keeps your energy level high and drink plenty of water

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