7 important steps that will surely improve your  life

5-10 minute stretch will make your body flexible and will increase muscle blood flow

5-10 minute stretch

10-15 min Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR) helps to replenish physical energy.This process allows the brain to rest between sleep and active wakefulness

Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR)

When you journal, you reflect, You take the time to slow down and think about what you’ve accomplished, what you did and why you did

Write 15 minute Journal

Reading daily fo 30 minutes is a great way to improve dense content knowledge, fluid intelligence, emotional intelligence and your brain's neural connectivity. it also improves your vaocabulary

30 minutes reading

Daily 25 minutes walk helps to develop body's immunity and minor diseases go away, also the risk of other serious diseases like cancer, heart attack, diabetes etc. reduces by about 90 percent

25 minute walk 

Me-time helps you unwind, de-stress and recharge your whole being, Quality me-time provides you with advantages such as enhanced efficiency and productivity

45 minutes me time

When you exercise, it helps to increase endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline hormones. it make u happy, helps to reduce weight, Increases energy levels and help to sleep better

1 hour excercise 

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