Benefits of eating black carrots (Kaali Gajar)

Black carrots are rich in vitamin C, phenolic compounds, carotenoids and many types of phytochemicals

Medicinal properties of black carrots reduce the risk of cholesterol, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It also proves effective in controlling blood pressure

Anthocyanin flavonoids found in black carrots have anti-obesity effects, which reduce obesity

Black carrots also contain polyphenols called anthocyanidins. This polyphenol is helpful in treating collagen-induced arthritis and antigen-induced arthritis

Eating black carrots is also important for eye health. Black carrots can prevent the loss of photoreceptor cell function during inflammation in the retina

Black carrot is  beneficial in reducing cholesterol level. The bioactive compounds present in black carrot can help in reducing blood cholesterol level

Anthocyanin flavonoids are found in black carrots. This flavonoid reduces the risk of systolic blood pressure along with other physical problems

Carrots contain the nutrient thiamine, also known as vitamin B1. Thiamine is beneficial for the nervous system and  it is also good for mental health

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