How to be stress free during exam

Here are some techniques by following them children could be stress free during examinations

Deep Breathing

Breathing technique will help the student to get relax mentally and physically, it also increase concentration level.

Adequate sleep

It is good to take proper 7-8 hours sleep before going for examination

Physical activity

Exercise and other physical activity produce endorphins chemical in the brain which act as natural painkillers and helps to reduces stress during exams


Meditation can help you relax deeply and calm your mind. During meditation, you focus on one thing which increases student's concentration level

Healthy diet

A balanced diet helps students to beat the stress. The kind of food a student eats helps the student prepare effectively and manage the anxiety of the period

Avoid negative thoughts

Replace negative and illogical thoughts with logical thoughts and positive attitude

Proper time management

It will help you to reach exam hall at time. Read question paper thoroughly and divide time to give answer accordingly

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